by Ty McDowell, on Wednesday March 20, 2019

Offers parents convenience and efficiency within a mobile app so they can easily manage their child’s gymnastics experience on their smartphones

Gymfinity: Offers the modern generation of children a program is developmental and progressive (for children who aspire to compete) but is also designed to challenge every day to allow a child to test themselves against only themselves to achieve success.


Parents can take care of everything from enrolling in a class to requesting private lessons within the mobile app.


Special events that are often quick to fill up can be accessed from the mobile app, ensuring that one that is desired is never missed.


The mobile app simplifies contacting the gym staff through one touch calling and complete information for all methods of reaching out to and reaching the gym (including GPS directions.)


Parents can get alerts delivered directly to smartphones so that unplanned changes are top of mind and can be managed in the best way possible.

The Gymfinity app offers one touch calling, GPS directions to the gym, access to events calendar, registration for classes, requests for private lessons, delivery of important messages, and access to videos.